Barnes x No-Compliance launches three sneakers filled with Daniel Johnston's paintings

  • 20.06.11
  • HIT : 178

No-Comply Skate Shop and Barnes join hands and showcase three types of sneakers utilizing Daniel Johnston's paintings. Selected models are old school, authentic, and slip-on. The old school and the authentic are gray in color, covered with a tobox and a heel cap, and Daniel Johnston's paintings are drawn on the upper. Slip-on is drawn with a graffiti of Daniel Johnston on a white upper, and an orange stripe is enclosed between the midsole and upper. In addition, a black 6-panel cap, an off-white tote bag, and a short-sleeved T-shirt were released.

The No-Comply Skate Shop and Barnes' collaborative collection will be sold exclusively on the No-Comply website from June 13th, and will be available in certain editorial shops from June 21st. Prices are not yet known.

#반스 #다니엘 존스톤 #노 컴플라이 #HYPEBEAST

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