Supreme and North Face's 2020 Spring Collaboration Collection, Lookbook & Release Information

  • 20.05.25
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Supreme and North Face co-produced a new collection for this spring. The collection includes cargo jackets, cargo vests, belted cargo pants, t-shirts, totes and sunshield camp caps.

The cargo jacket, specially made for Supreme, is made of seam-shield structure made of water-resistant nylon. The cargo best features the same nylon as the jacket and a breathable mesh, and the belted cargo pants are designed to adjust the length through a zipper. Water-resistant 400D nylon was used for the adventure tote.

Supreme and North Face will donate all of the sales revenue of the ‘One World T-Shirt’ included in the collection to the Corona 19 Relief Fund through Global Gifting. It will be used to help the community and protect the vulnerable.

Supreme and Northspace's new collaboration collection will be available through the online store on May 21st. For reference, it will be released in Japan on the 23rd.

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