032c, launched 'LoveSexDreams', a collection inspired by the 1990s culture

  • 20.04.08
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Coarse cultures such as punks, gangster wraps, and raves are put on clothes.

032c unveils a new collection, 'LoveSexDreams'. Mark Gohring, general designer of the new collection, said through the website of 032c, he reinterpreted the culture of the American West and West Berlin in the 1990s, including gangster rap, punk culture, and rave parties. To express this, 032c used waxed fabrics often worn by those who enjoyed subculture at the time, knits made with Intarsia techniques, and neoprene materials.

This effort can be found not only in materials, but also in graphics. Examples include the American warning phrase, a graphic short-sleeved T-shirt from the Parental Advisory Explicit Content, one of the typical rave gears, the net tank top, and the 'IDEAL' jacket and hoodie borrowed from the gangster's font. In addition, various products such as denim jackets reminiscent of workwear, cargo pants, sweatshirts with brand logos, and cardigans with a concise design were released. The 032c 'LoveSexDreams' collection can be purchased from the brand online store.


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