Enjoy Kau's 'Expanded Holiday' AR exhibition at home

  • 20.03.31
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On March 12, Kauss unveiled <Expanded Holiday>, a collaborative exhibition with AR & VR production team and Accuart. <Expanded Holiday> is an AR exhibition held in a total of 12 cities including Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza, London Millennium Bridge, and New York Times Square, and cows at a specific location as if playing <Pokemon Go> through the 'Accute Art' app It proceeds by looking for the modeling of. Visitors who want to enjoy <Expanded Holiday> in their daily lives can purchase additional cow sculptures for a fee through the ‘Accute Art’ app. Buyers can enjoy cow modeling for 1 hour at any location, and an additional fee is required to collect it.

However, it is true that corona 19 is reluctant to go out these days. For such people, Kauss has released one of the paid moldings, “Companion (Expanded),” for free. "We don't encourage people to come together at the same time," said Kauss, along with free public announcements. Instead, we suggest installing a small version of the companion in your space. I hope everyone is safe! ” The compact version of ‘Companion (Expanded)’ is available for free until April 15th through the ‘Accute Art’ app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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