Peer of God Essential and Converse's Chuck 70 2 types, real detail photos released

  • 20.03.26
  • HIT : 104

<Heap Beast> illuminated the product in detail prior to the release of Chuck 70 jointly produced by Peer of God's Essential and Converse.

 The Collaboration Chuck 70, which is developed in colors such as 'Black', 'Ivory', and 'Natural Gray', is a minimal, but well-designed design with the unique details of Peer of God Essential, which excites the desire to purchase, the core of which is the ankle. It is made of leather with a loop on the back to fix the shoe lace, a tongue made of leather, and a toe cap with the same color as the tongue.

Black' will be released on March 26 through some editing shops including HBX. The price is $ 110.

#HBX #피어 오브 갓 #제리 로렌조 #ESSENTIALS

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