#Streetsnaps:2020 FW Paris Men's Fashion Week

  • 20.01.28
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I collected only the best out of hundreds of pictures.

Following London, Florence and Milan, Paris’ downtown, where men’s fashion week was held, was bustling with designers and celibities gathered to check out the winter and autumn collections in 2020, when various brands including Louis Vuitton, Off White and Undercover will be introduced.

As there have been a lot of collaboration snickers in the past year of 2019, a variety of collaboration snickers, including Nike x Sakai Blazer and Off-White x Nike Dunk, were seen. The accessory items with Louis Vuitton and the off-white logo, led by Virgil Ablowo, were the most favorite items to wear by Parisians, and were able to witness a mix of street fashion and high-end brand items.

Meanwhile, Migos' Qabo showed up with his usual Cartier glasses and a pair of diamond-studded Jewelry, and Tigga's brown-colored Distressed Setups drew attention. In addition, the styling of familiar faces such as Jerry Lorenzo, Bella Hadid, Kirby Jean Raymond, Luca Savat and Gruvirum can be found in the gallery above.

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