Nike ACG 2020 Spring Collection with Flies and Gore-Tex

  • 20.01.21
  • HIT : 106

A new ACG Zoom Terra Antartic.

Nike ACG’s 2020 spring collection Lookbook, which presents lifestyle items that can be worn comfortably regardless of the climate environment, has been unveiled. The collection, which has been produced and tested in Oregon in the U.S., was produced with a focus on thermosetting and waterproof functions. The jackets were used in a wide range of Polatech Flies materials, and print designs, inspired by clothing in the 1990s, were carved throughout the collection. The ACG Zoom Terra Antartic, which will be released together, is equipped with Velcro details to make it easier to wear and remove, and the upper part is completed with Gore-Tex material. Snickers' colors consisted of three colors.

Nike ACG’s 2020 spring collection is scheduled to be officially released on Jan. 23.


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