more wearable s.k. Mana Hill 2020 FW Collection Lookbook

  • 20.01.16
  • HIT : 133

a taste from brevity

New York-based fashion brand, s.k. Manner Hill unveiled its 2020 fall and winter collection Lookbook. s.k., who greeted the 10th collection. Mana Hill introduced several wearable items with relaxed design. Items of monotonous color, such as white, gray, brown, beige and black in the lookbook, deliver a concise yet comfortable feeling. Specially s.k. Mana Hill used organic cotton, recyclable nylon and poly filled materials to practice the sustainability of the environment.

S.k. Mana Hill 2020 Autumn, Winter Collection Lookbook can be found in the gallery above, and detailed release information can be found through subsequent updates.


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