Black textured 2020 FW collection lookbook with irregular textures

  • 20.01.14
  • HIT : 208

Direction of design different from the existing one

Seoul-based brand Blackmal, led by Terry Shin, unveiled the 2020 Fall and Winter Collection Lookbook. ‘A.C. The collection, named “006”, shows a design that has taken a step back from techware, the brand's DNA, while maintaining dystopian colors.

Observation point is a feast of irregular texture. In particular, it is impressive that the brand's value and individuality are firmly established by disassembling and recombining various geometric patterns and materials to balance the overall balance, and uniquely designing each clothing pattern and giving each character a unique character.

Blackmer's 2020 fall and winter collections, which have expanded their design horizons, will soon be available through editorial shops such as H. Lorenzo.

Photographer @kimharu.sulchong
Stylist @the.merle
Art Direction @jjjusticeee, @the.merle
Hair/Makeup @laheeeee
Model @smnlbr


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