Ornate old-fashioned sofa made by Balenciaga architect Harry Nuriev

  • 19.12.31
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"Abandoned clothing has become a stunning piece of art nowhere else in the world."

The Balenciaga joined hands with architect and furniture designer Harry Nuriev.
The sofa was born through the meeting. Valenciaga and Nurieev finished the sofa with cushioned fillings of the old Balenciaga inventory in a transparent vinyl sofa frame.

As you can see in the picture above,the design shows a distinctive pattern as well as the logo of the Balenciaga.

"It was created to encourage practices that consider sustainability in many categories, such as design," Valenciaga said. "It reflects the brand's commitment to awareness and practice of environmental impact." Explained the instrument put in.
Valenciaga's old-fashioned sofas will be available in Miami on December 3rd.


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