G-Dragon x Nike Air Force 1 What kind of sneakers is Para-Noise?

  • 19.12.24
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Para-Noise means that sounds that transcend time and space come together to recreate new sounds. That's what I am now, and as I was young, I continued to develop by inspiration and influenced sounds, and then I made my own sound, and that sound affected the public or others, Those people who have been affected by it later create new sounds beyond that, and all of these, now I want to define all this as 'para-noise'. ”

In the end, G-Dragon seems to want to talk about the “impacts” surrounding him. Influences from idols are passed on to the listeners of their music, influencing and inspiring someone else, and creating new things therein. Is he trying to solve the message with a sneaker?



Black paint overlaid on G-Dragon's own painting. G-Dragon x Nike Air Force 1 “Para-Noise” was born with the idea that the paint is peeled off a little and every time you walk. And G-Dragon again designed the thick shoelaces that were so popular in the 1990s that they could be tied upside down. Two pairs of pins with the Minus One and Daisy logos, and the midsole, are painted with brush marks as if they were painted with a brush. Painted in black, the outsole feels like you've walked over the paint. The daisy logo on the tongue also highlights the importance of this collaboration.

G-Dragon x Nike Air Force 1

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