Undercover x Fuchura Limited Edition T-shirt released to commemorate the publication of Habitist Magazine

  • 19.12.18
  • HIT : 270

Undercover and Futura will release a limited edition t-shirt to commemorate the 27th issue of Habitist. The Kinship, released by

HainBist in November, is the latest issue of a series of articles highlighting various human relationships in the fashion industry.

It was noted as a cover.

The t-shirts made by those who decorated the cover of the issue were made using the artwork on the cover.

On the back of the T-shirt, the words “HYPEBEAST MAGAZINE THE KINSHIP ISSUE” and “UNDERCOVER FUTURA” are printed on the back of Fuchura.

This is available in two colors, white and black.

Limited edition T-shirts produced by Habitist, Futura, and Undercover will be released on HBX on December 20.


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