• 032c, launched 'LoveSexDreams', a collection inspired by the 1990s culture

    032c, launched 'LoveSexDreams', a collection inspired by the 1990s culture

    20.04.08 / 273 view

    Coarse cultures such as punks, gangster wraps, and raves are put on clothes.

    032c unveils a new collection, 'LoveSexDreams'. Mark Gohring, general designer of the new collection, said through the website of 032c, he reinterpreted the culture of the American West and West Berlin in the 1990s, including gangster rap, punk culture, and rave parties. To express this, 032c used waxed fabrics often worn by those who enjoyed subculture at the time, knits made with Intarsia techniques, and neoprene materials.

    This effort can be found not only in materials, but also in graphics. Examples include the American warning phrase, a graphic short-sleeved T-shirt from the Parental Advisory Explicit Content, one of the typical rave gears, the net tank top, and the 'IDEAL' jacket and hoodie borrowed from the gangster's font. In addition, various products such as denim jackets reminiscent of workwear, cargo pants, sweatshirts with brand logos, and cardigans with a concise design were released. The 032c 'LoveSexDreams' collection can be purchased from the brand online store.

    # 032C #HYPEBEAST

  • Maison Mer releases Nike and Levi's upcycling jacket

    Maison Mer releases Nike and Levi's upcycling jacket

    20.04.02 / 261 view

    Levi's with Nike.

    Maison Mer, a vintage editing shop in Marseille, France, which has attracted attention by reinterpreting Nike items with Thai Tai, releases new vintage rework items. It is an upcycling denim that combines Nike and Levis. Levi's blue jacket and jeans after Maison Mer's touch added a portion of the Nike jersey and jacket as a point design. In particular, it is noticeable that Nike's logo tab is located at the center of all products. Prices for the Maison Mer's Nike and Levi's Rework items have not been officially released, and are expected to be available through the Maison Mer offline and online stores by the end of April.

    #리바이스 #나이키

  • Enjoy Kau's 'Expanded Holiday' AR exhibition at home

    Enjoy Kau's 'Expanded Holiday' AR exhibition at home

    20.03.31 / 189 view

    On March 12, Kauss unveiled <Expanded Holiday>, a collaborative exhibition with AR & VR production team and Accuart. <Expanded Holiday> is an AR exhibition held in a total of 12 cities including Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza, London Millennium Bridge, and New York Times Square, and cows at a specific location as if playing <Pokemon Go> through the 'Accute Art' app It proceeds by looking for the modeling of. Visitors who want to enjoy <Expanded Holiday> in their daily lives can purchase additional cow sculptures for a fee through the ‘Accute Art’ app. Buyers can enjoy cow modeling for 1 hour at any location, and an additional fee is required to collect it.

    However, it is true that corona 19 is reluctant to go out these days. For such people, Kauss has released one of the paid moldings, “Companion (Expanded),” for free. "We don't encourage people to come together at the same time," said Kauss, along with free public announcements. Instead, we suggest installing a small version of the companion in your space. I hope everyone is safe! ” The compact version of ‘Companion (Expanded)’ is available for free until April 15th through the ‘Accute Art’ app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


  • Billy Irish's coloring book for donating UNICEF for 'Zipcock', purchase coordinates

    Billy Irish's coloring book for donating UNICEF for 'Zipcock', purchase coordinates

    20.03.30 / 172 view

    Anderson Park also shares the pattern to conduct a coloring contest.

    The coron19 virus spreads rapidly and 'social distance' continues, leading to a prolonged 'Zipcock' life. A variety of ways to spend a fun and full time indoors are spreading online. As a result, several celebrities have released their own methods, such as sharing a book they are currently reading or uploading a home training video, among which is the coloring book released by Billy Irish.

    He released the Billy Irish Coloring Book in his official store. The book, which also included four bonus pages, included Irish portraits and logos drawn in lines. The price is $ 10, and the proceeds are donated to UNICEF and will be delivered from April 9. At the same time, Irish decided to provide the corresponding coloring book PDF file for free, but you can also participate in the donation by paying the price of $ 1, $ 5, $ 10, or $ 20.

    Meanwhile, Anderson Park unveils the ‘#PaintWithPaak’ challenge through the @paakhouse account. This is done by downloading a sketch file through the link posted on the profile, coloring it in your own way, and uploading it with a hashtag, some of which are shared. Also, a new sketch will be uploaded every Friday, so it is a good idea to try it.


  • Peer of God Essential and Converse's Chuck 70 2 types, real detail photos released

    Peer of God Essential and Converse's Chuck 70 2 types, real detail photos released

    20.03.26 / 155 view

    <Heap Beast> illuminated the product in detail prior to the release of Chuck 70 jointly produced by Peer of God's Essential and Converse.

     The Collaboration Chuck 70, which is developed in colors such as 'Black', 'Ivory', and 'Natural Gray', is a minimal, but well-designed design with the unique details of Peer of God Essential, which excites the desire to purchase, the core of which is the ankle. It is made of leather with a loop on the back to fix the shoe lace, a tongue made of leather, and a toe cap with the same color as the tongue.

    Black' will be released on March 26 through some editing shops including HBX. The price is $ 110.

    #HBX #피어 오브 갓 #제리 로렌조 #ESSENTIALS

  • Writer Yoon Hyup and Nike SB's theoretical t-shirt, expressed in dots and lines

    Writer Yoon Hyup and Nike SB's theoretical t-shirt, expressed in dots and lines

    20.03.24 / 167 view

    "The motif of the skateboard spot in Flushing Meadows Park in New York Queens"

    A t-shirt was released jointly produced by artist Yoon Hyup and Nike SB. For this collaboration, artist Yoon Hyup was inspired by the historic skateboard spot and completed the graphic expressing it with dots and lines. The Nike Swoosh logo, completed with the artist's unique drawing technique, and a print that reinterprets the Flushing Meadows Park skateboard spot in New York Queens, are applied to t-shirts sold in various countries including Nike UK and France. There are two color options: black and white.

    #나이키 #나이키 SB #YOON HYUP

  • Half of Nike sweatpants and Levi's denim? Bless unveils upcycle pants

    Half of Nike sweatpants and Levi's denim? Bless unveils upcycle pants

    20.03.20 / 225 view

    Bless, a London-based fashion brand, presents an unusually designed pants. The item's name is Upcycle Jersey & Denim Track Pants, complete with

    Nike Cotton Jersey Pants and Levi's Denim Pants in half. In the front part of the pants, the Swoosh logo that was applied to the existing Nike jersey pants,

    and the banding at the bottom were maintained. The Levis denim used on the back also has a pocket, a 501 tag, and a belt loop.

    Bless's upcycle pants are now available on the Matches Fashion official online store. The price is 515 pounds and is about 780,000 won in Hanwha.

    #HYPEBEAST #리바이스 #나이키 #BLESS

  • #Streetsnaps:2020 FW Paris Men's Fashion Week

    #Streetsnaps:2020 FW Paris Men's Fashion Week

    20.01.28 / 264 view

    I collected only the best out of hundreds of pictures.

    Following London, Florence and Milan, Paris’ downtown, where men’s fashion week was held, was bustling with designers and celibities gathered to check out the winter and autumn collections in 2020, when various brands including Louis Vuitton, Off White and Undercover will be introduced.

    As there have been a lot of collaboration snickers in the past year of 2019, a variety of collaboration snickers, including Nike x Sakai Blazer and Off-White x Nike Dunk, were seen. The accessory items with Louis Vuitton and the off-white logo, led by Virgil Ablowo, were the most favorite items to wear by Parisians, and were able to witness a mix of street fashion and high-end brand items.

    Meanwhile, Migos' Qabo showed up with his usual Cartier glasses and a pair of diamond-studded Jewelry, and Tigga's brown-colored Distressed Setups drew attention. In addition, the styling of familiar faces such as Jerry Lorenzo, Bella Hadid, Kirby Jean Raymond, Luca Savat and Gruvirum can be found in the gallery above.

    #루이비통 #오프 화이트 #버질 아블로 #미고스 #콰보 #까르띠에 #나이키 #거리 패션

  • About the iPhone 11 Series Case Release Notes for a Collaboration between Babe and Kestipay

    About the iPhone 11 Series Case Release Notes for a Collaboration between Babe and Kestipay

    20.01.23 / 204 view

    Two versions of ‘First Camo’ and ‘ABC Camo’.

    Baff and K-Stiffy will join hands to release Apple’s iPhone 11 case. The two brands completed the collaboration by wearing the "First Camo" and "ABC Camo" patterns, which are the signature products of K-Stiffy. In addition, K-Stiffy will also introduce a camera ring that will be introduced for the first time through collaboration. The "ABC Camo" case will begin Jan. 25 and the "First Camo" case will go on sale at New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong, Harajuku, Singapore, Dubai and Paris from Feb. 1. It can be purchased in Korea from early February.

    #베이프 #케이스티파이

  • Nike ACG 2020 Spring Collection with Flies and Gore-Tex

    Nike ACG 2020 Spring Collection with Flies and Gore-Tex

    20.01.21 / 231 view

    A new ACG Zoom Terra Antartic.

    Nike ACG’s 2020 spring collection Lookbook, which presents lifestyle items that can be worn comfortably regardless of the climate environment, has been unveiled. The collection, which has been produced and tested in Oregon in the U.S., was produced with a focus on thermosetting and waterproof functions. The jackets were used in a wide range of Polatech Flies materials, and print designs, inspired by clothing in the 1990s, were carved throughout the collection. The ACG Zoom Terra Antartic, which will be released together, is equipped with Velcro details to make it easier to wear and remove, and the upper part is completed with Gore-Tex material. Snickers' colors consisted of three colors.

    Nike ACG’s 2020 spring collection is scheduled to be officially released on Jan. 23.


  • more wearable s.k. Mana Hill 2020 FW Collection Lookbook

    more wearable s.k. Mana Hill 2020 FW Collection Lookbook

    20.01.16 / 257 view

    a taste from brevity

    New York-based fashion brand, s.k. Manner Hill unveiled its 2020 fall and winter collection Lookbook. s.k., who greeted the 10th collection. Mana Hill introduced several wearable items with relaxed design. Items of monotonous color, such as white, gray, brown, beige and black in the lookbook, deliver a concise yet comfortable feeling. Specially s.k. Mana Hill used organic cotton, recyclable nylon and poly filled materials to practice the sustainability of the environment.

    S.k. Mana Hill 2020 Autumn, Winter Collection Lookbook can be found in the gallery above, and detailed release information can be found through subsequent updates.


  • Dior x Air Jordan 1 reveals low-top model

    Dior x Air Jordan 1 reveals low-top model

    20.01.15 / 245 view

    Only 4,700 pairs will be released.

    Images of the Dior x Air Jordan 1 low-top model were revealed on some sneaker channels, including Dior's men's sneaker designer, TiVo. This is the new model of the Air Jordan 1 High OG Dior, which was first unveiled in December in Dior's 2020 Free Fall Collection in Miami, USA. The low top in the picture is the same white background as the original Air Jordan 1 high-top model, with Dior's gray cowhide panels and an oblique patterned Swoosh logo. The two brands also put tabs on their tongues that combine Dior's and Nike's logos, emphasizing the meaning of collaboration.

    Both Dior x Air Jordan 1 low-top and high-top models will be available in Dior stores worldwide in April 2020. On the other hand, unlike the high-top, which is limited to 8,700 pairs, the low-top will only release 4,700 pairs.

    #디올 #나이키 #에어 조던

  • Black textured 2020 FW collection lookbook with irregular textures

    Black textured 2020 FW collection lookbook with irregular textures

    20.01.14 / 304 view

    Direction of design different from the existing one

    Seoul-based brand Blackmal, led by Terry Shin, unveiled the 2020 Fall and Winter Collection Lookbook. ‘A.C. The collection, named “006”, shows a design that has taken a step back from techware, the brand's DNA, while maintaining dystopian colors.

    Observation point is a feast of irregular texture. In particular, it is impressive that the brand's value and individuality are firmly established by disassembling and recombining various geometric patterns and materials to balance the overall balance, and uniquely designing each clothing pattern and giving each character a unique character.

    Blackmer's 2020 fall and winter collections, which have expanded their design horizons, will soon be available through editorial shops such as H. Lorenzo.

    Photographer @kimharu.sulchong
    Stylist @the.merle
    Art Direction @jjjusticeee, @the.merle
    Hair/Makeup @laheeeee
    Model @smnlbr


  • Mercedes-Benz concept car 'Vision AVTR' inspired by the movie 'Avatar'

    Mercedes-Benz concept car 'Vision AVTR' inspired by the movie 'Avatar'

    20.01.09 / 326 view

    Recognize the driver's heartbeat and breathing.

    Mercedes-Benz unveils AVTR, a concept car inspired by the film Avatar. The Vision AVTR, shown at CES 2020 in Las Vegas,

    USA, was inspired by the way the Avatar in Avatar interact with flying creatures.

    In fact, the Vision AVTR interior omits the steering wheel, gearbox and other controls found in existing cars. The vehicle is driven by an autonomous

    driving system, but the driver travels at the optimum speed considering the hand pressure and pulse applied by

     the driver to the center controller's light controller.

    President Kalenius Mercedes-Benz introduced Vision AVTR and said, “In the future, Mercedes-Benz will reduce water and electricity

    consumption by 30% and 40%, respectively,  by 2030. We will reduce it by more than 40 percent. ” In fact, Vision AVTR's seats are made of

    artificial leather made from recycled clothes and plastic, and the floor is made of wood. The battery is also 100% recyclable and offers

     up to 700km of mileage when fully charged.

    #메르세데스 벤츠 #AVATAR

  • 2020 SS North Face Purple Label, Adidas Originals

    2020 SS North Face Purple Label, Adidas Originals

    20.01.07 / 287 view

    Chatsterfield Court, Field Jacket, Campus 80.

    Beams' exclusive 2020 Spring and Summer seasons showcase the
    North Face Purpavel and Adidas Originals.

    The North Face Purple Label range is packed with field jackets and Chesterfield coats. Each outer is available in three colors,

    black, gray and beige, and is made of bayhead cloth fabric with a blend of 65 to 35 polyester and cotton. Bayhead cloths are hand dry,

    allowing them to evaporate quickly to provide a comfortable fit. In keeping with its classic design, the adidas Originals

    Campus 80 is finished in beige suede with a white three-line logo on the upper.

    The new North Face Purple label and new items from Adidas
    Originals are now available from this link.

    #빔스 #노스페이스 #아디다스 오리지널스

  • Ornate old-fashioned sofa made by Balenciaga architect Harry Nuriev

    Ornate old-fashioned sofa made by Balenciaga architect Harry Nuriev

    19.12.31 / 300 view

    "Abandoned clothing has become a stunning piece of art nowhere else in the world."

    The Balenciaga joined hands with architect and furniture designer Harry Nuriev.
    The sofa was born through the meeting. Valenciaga and Nurieev finished the sofa with cushioned fillings of the old Balenciaga inventory in a transparent vinyl sofa frame.

    As you can see in the picture above,the design shows a distinctive pattern as well as the logo of the Balenciaga.

    "It was created to encourage practices that consider sustainability in many categories, such as design," Valenciaga said. "It reflects the brand's commitment to awareness and practice of environmental impact." Explained the instrument put in.
    Valenciaga's old-fashioned sofas will be available in Miami on December 3rd.

    #발렌시아가 #HARRY NURIEV

  • G-Dragon x Nike Air Force 1 What kind of sneakers is Para-Noise?

    G-Dragon x Nike Air Force 1 What kind of sneakers is Para-Noise?

    19.12.24 / 341 view

    Para-Noise means that sounds that transcend time and space come together to recreate new sounds. That's what I am now, and as I was young, I continued to develop by inspiration and influenced sounds, and then I made my own sound, and that sound affected the public or others, Those people who have been affected by it later create new sounds beyond that, and all of these, now I want to define all this as 'para-noise'. ”

    In the end, G-Dragon seems to want to talk about the “impacts” surrounding him. Influences from idols are passed on to the listeners of their music, influencing and inspiring someone else, and creating new things therein. Is he trying to solve the message with a sneaker?



    Black paint overlaid on G-Dragon's own painting. G-Dragon x Nike Air Force 1 “Para-Noise” was born with the idea that the paint is peeled off a little and every time you walk. And G-Dragon again designed the thick shoelaces that were so popular in the 1990s that they could be tied upside down. Two pairs of pins with the Minus One and Daisy logos, and the midsole, are painted with brush marks as if they were painted with a brush. Painted in black, the outsole feels like you've walked over the paint. The daisy logo on the tongue also highlights the importance of this collaboration.

    G-Dragon x Nike Air Force 1

  • Casetifky x DHL 50th Anniversary Collection 2nd Launch Information

    Casetifky x DHL 50th Anniversary Collection 2nd Launch Information

    19.12.20 / 291 view

    The case collection with Casetifky and DHL will be released again.

    In line with the launch of the first collection, the Giraffes Collection celebrates its 50th anniversary and is inspired by waybills and brand logos. KSTI introduced the collaboration, saying, 

    “We presented symbolically how customers and DHL are connected through industrial art design.”

    The collection consists of iPhone and Galaxy phone cases, Apple Watch bands, AirPods cases and several tech accessories.
    The price is about 40,000 won and it will only be shipped via DHL.

    The sale date will be available from Kentify online store starting January 9th.

    If you wish to purchase, it is recommended to hasten the pending registration on the brand's website.

  • Undercover x Fuchura Limited Edition T-shirt released to commemorate the publication of Habitist Magazine

    Undercover x Fuchura Limited Edition T-shirt released to commemorate the publication of Habitist Magazine

    19.12.18 / 323 view

    Undercover and Futura will release a limited edition t-shirt to commemorate the 27th issue of Habitist. The Kinship, released by

    HainBist in November, is the latest issue of a series of articles highlighting various human relationships in the fashion industry.

    It was noted as a cover.

    The t-shirts made by those who decorated the cover of the issue were made using the artwork on the cover.

    On the back of the T-shirt, the words “HYPEBEAST MAGAZINE THE KINSHIP ISSUE” and “UNDERCOVER FUTURA” are printed on the back of Fuchura.

    This is available in two colors, white and black.

    Limited edition T-shirts produced by Habitist, Futura, and Undercover will be released on HBX on December 20.


  • Two Michael Jordan-Designed AJ1s Are Being Raffled Off For Charity

    Two Michael Jordan-Designed AJ1s Are Being Raffled Off For Charity

    19.05.02 / 444 view

    Out of every sneaker designed for Michael Jordan, the Air Jordan 1 may be the most ubiquitous. Boasting a versatile shape and appeal for both on- and off-court styling, the sneaker has remained one of the most popular Jordan Brand silhouettes since its inception. Never has Michael Jordan put his own spin on the style, however, which changes with a pair of extremely limited charitable silhouettes debuting for charity.

    Offered as part of a raffle benefitting the Charlotte Hornets Foundation, two monochrome Air Jordan 1s were designed by Jordan himself, offered in an exclusive edition of 300 total pairs. Offered in black or white, the premium shoes both sport white rubber midsoles, with tonal quilted uppers emphasizing the grain leather that also informs the Swoosh and ankle guard.

    While the black sneaker is one shade, the white model offers contrasting black accents on the ankle and shaft to break-up the otherwise all-white shoe. An All-Star-shaped hangtag graces each shoe, with a honeycomb pattern and silhouetted player adding visual flair. Stylized branding on the tongue tag completes the exclusive sneaker.

    Scope out the sneakers and place a bid on the Charlotte Hornets Foundation’s site before the bidding ends on May 23. Check out the promotional clips below.

    Elsewhere, Travis Scott‘s highly-anticipated Air Jordan 1 received complete release information.


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