• Virgil Abloh's Off-White Launches New Sneaker'Out of Office'

    Virgil Abloh's Off-White Launches New Sneaker'Out of Office'

    21.01.11 / 117 view

    Sneakers for work only?

    Virgil Abloh's off-white presents a new sneaker called'Out of Office'. The entire sneakers are finished in white color. Among the many elements of the shoe, the first thing that catches attention is the phrase “FOR WALKING,” which seems to be handwritten on the side of the upper, and an arrow-shaped layer symbolizing off-white is placed above it. The shoelace was equipped with a cable tie made in black and white color. The off-white logo in the shape of a hand is engraved on the heel cap, and the logo can also be found on the ivory-colored outsole.

    The off-white “out of office” sneakers cost 403 dollars, about 440,000 won in Korean currency, and are currently available on the Slam Jam official website.

    #오프 화이트 #버질 아블로 #슬램잼 # HYPEBEAST

  • Burberry Launches'Future Archive Collection' inspired by Brand Heritage

    Burberry Launches'Future Archive Collection' inspired by Brand Heritage

    21.01.07 / 56 view

    Burberry has launched a limited edition'Future Archive Collection' inspired by the brand's outerwear heritage. The collection includes a reinterpretation of Burberry's classic items such as diamond quilted coats, bomber and field jackets, as well as accessories such as bucket hats, backpacks and scarves. Each product with the touch of Ricardo Tisci in a classic design that reflects the brand's history is sold in limited quantities of 150, and is available for purchase on the Burberry official website and My Teresa right now.

    #리카르도 티시 #버버리 #마이테레사 #HYPEVEAST

  • Nike Air Force 1 unveils detachable pieces of each shoe, from swoosh to upper

    Nike Air Force 1 unveils detachable pieces of each shoe, from swoosh to upper

    20.12.28 / 72 view

    It can be easily customized with ‘taken’.

    Following the news of the launch of the dunk customization service'Dunk iD', Air Force 1, which can be customized on-the-fly by attaching and attaching each shoe layer, was released. The sneakers consist of three colorways:'black','chili red' and'fine green'. The exterior is basically'chili red', but you can attach a black leather layer and green swoosh and heel tabs on top. Each layer is designed to be easily attached to and removed from the shoe with Velcro tape. Shoelaces will be available in black and red, and the patch that can be attached to the tongue is made in a total of three designs.

    Nike Air Force Air Force 1/1 “Black/Chili Red/Fine Green” costs 15,000 yen, and about 166,000 won in Hanwha. You can check the details in the gallery above.

    #나이키 #에어 포스 1 #HYPEBEAST

  • Pantone's'Color of 2021' is'Ultimate Gray' &'Illuminating'

    Pantone's'Color of 2021' is'Ultimate Gray' &'Illuminating'

    20.12.23 / 74 view

    Two contrasting colors.

    The Pantone Color Institute (hereinafter referred to as Pantone), a color research institute that selects “Color of the Year” each year, released “Color of the Year 2021”.

     Following'Classic Blue', which was the'Color of 2020', two colors were selected to represent the new year: 17-5104 TCX'Ultimate Gray' and 13-0647 TCX'Illuminating'.

    This is the second time since 2016 that Pantone has selected two colors as'Colors of the Year'. Pantone's vice chairman Lori Pressman revealed that the achromatic'Ultimate Gray' represents'compassion, patience, and resilience', and that the bright'illuminating' color represents a new hope of the world at the end of the unfortunate 2020. "The two completely independent colors show how different elements can come together to express a message of strength and hope," he explained.


  • Neighborhood x Anti Social Social Club Collaboration Collection Lookbook & Release Information

    Neighborhood x Anti Social Social Club Collaboration Collection Lookbook & Release Information

    20.12.21 / 135 view

    Brilliant logo play over t-shirt.

    Naver Hood and anti-social social club launch a collaboration collection. The lookbook released prior to the release contained the design of the T-shirt in the natural movement of models.

     Through the lookbook in the upper gallery, you can check the collection items consisting of T-shirts and hoodies that use the logos and lettering of the two brands brilliantly.

     It will be conducted through the social club online store. For more information, please visit the website of Anti Social Social and Naver Hood.

    #네이버후드 #안티 소셜 소셜 클럽 #HYPEBEAST

  • Each color is art, Pier of God 2021 Pre-fall Collection Lookbook

    Each color is art, Pier of God 2021 Pre-fall Collection Lookbook

    20.12.07 / 108 view

    Retro reinterpretation of Jerry Lorenzo style?

    Jerry Lorenzo's Peer of God unveiled the 2021 Prefall Collection. The collection items of silhouettes reminiscent of movies from the late 1980s to early 1990s have a warm earth tone overall. Chesterfield coat with boxy shoulder fit, jacket and bottom set with camouflage pattern, as well as high-waisted chinos, and other items that can be used in a variety of styles are harmonized.Overfit sweatshirt and hoodie are made of wool cashmere knit material. The feeling was added. You can also look at various styles of footwear, from hunting boots to sneakers and mules, among them the Penny Loafers, which are the first hard soles from Peer of God. Peer of God's 2021 Free Fall collection lookbook can be found at the top of the article.

    Photographer  Sebastian Kim
    Model Natalie Ludwig, Donovan Wildfong, Alton Mason, Dakota Baynham
    Stylist Mindy Le Brock
    Make-Up Karo Kangas
    Hair Stylist Rachel Lee

    #피어 오브 갓 #제리 로렌조 #HYPEVEAST

  • "Honor the Past, Embrace the Present" Inspires GORT's FW20 Collection

    20.11.30 / 126 view

    Defined by mashup heritage styling.

    Standing out amongst the trend-driven names of South Korea, GORT has established itself as a name dedicated to an expression of mashup heritage styling. Centered around the motto of “Honor the Past, Embrace the Present,” GORT has released season after season of collections that rework distinct styles from the past century with updated cuts, graphic prints and unique textiles combinations.

    For Fall/Winter 2020, the fledgling label put together a unisex assortment of relaxed styles celebrating a militaristic outlook. Leading the seasonal range is the Camo Bandana Liner Long and Short Jackets available in three colorways. Built around a mix of camouflage and bandana prints, a striking contrast design accents the oversized fit of the light outerwear options.

    Continuing the graphical exploration is the Bandana Wind Breaker Jacket and matching Bandana Block Pants marked by a mix of camo and paisley print dressed by splatter paint details. While the Sweden 70’s Snow Waxed Coat draws from the M62 jacket worn by the Swedish army outfitted with a mixed lining and outer layer treated with a wash of wax, effective for repelling both rain and snow.

    Check out the lookbook above and shop GORT’s FW20 collection at 432Hz now.


  • Garbstore’s Latest Editorial Showcases Exclusive Collection of Japanese, British and Global Brands.

    Garbstore’s Latest Editorial Showcases Exclusive Collection of Japanese, British and Global Brands.

    20.11.27 / 159 view

    "Including the likes of Conichiwa Bonjour, Tamaniwa and Story mfg."

    Garbstore has shared a unique editorial designed to detail the extensive collection of exclusive products available at the London-based store.

    From young designers and under-the-radar brands, Garbstore’s latest editorial highlights its relationships with renowned Asian brands, as well as emerging designers like Korean label Conichiwa Bonjour with its playful designs that parody the likes of COMME des GARÇONS and FedEx, as well as headwear brand Sublime with its roots in sports and casual wear

    Japanese brands featured in the editorial also include Tamaniwa, a label that consists of Americana inspired baseball-toting Snoopy sweats and tees, as well as Sheltec, a progressive tech-wear T-Shirt label that is produced using new material crafted from hollow fibers with jade and ceramic.

    From the U.S.A, the roster includes premium workwear from Randy’s Garments and clogs from California’s Simple Shoes. From the U.K. there’s a Story mfg. exclusive jacket with hand-stitched motifs emblazoned on it as well as Drop Out Sports, a heavyweight jersey-wear brand that is knitted and crafted in England with all pieces in the range constructed from a durable, heavyweight 380-gram cotton jersey.

    You can shop Garbstore’s exclusive collections now from the online webstore.

    In other news, Randy’s Garments has dropped its clean FW20 lookbook.


  • Pallas, Shakespeare portrait in holiday 2020 collection lookbook and business information

    Pallas, Shakespeare portrait in holiday 2020 collection lookbook and business information

    20.11.24 / 188 view

    Pallas, who announced the release of a collaboration collection with Moschino last week, presents the 2020 Holiday Collection. This collection features a portrait of William Shakespeare, one of England's leading playwrights. The two-colored varsity jackets have Shakespeare's face and name, along with the phrases '2020','PALACE', and'Londinium'. The crew neck sweater with Shakespeare portrait and'Old England' on the front and back is also a noteworthy item.

    Adidas collaboration items will also be released side by side. The tracksuit with the adidas three-seon logo on the sleeves and legs is typical. In addition, the product line includes sweatshirts with “Palaska” graphics that combine the names of Pallas and Alaska, as well as parkas, fleece jackets, and hoodies using the tripug logo.

    The release date of the Palace 2020 Holiday Collection is on November 27th at 8pm and can be purchased through the brand's official website. It will be available for purchase in Japan and China from November 28th.

    #아디다스 #팔라스 #HYPEBEAST

  • The New ASICS NOVABLAST™ SPS Sneaker Runs Towards the Future

    The New ASICS NOVABLAST™ SPS Sneaker Runs Towards the Future

    20.10.19 / 180 view

    The tech-centric model is reimagined for everyday wear.
    Presented by ASICS

    The ASICS’ NOVABLAST™ SPS sneaker model has become beloved by runners and athletes thanks to its trampoline-like cushioning and forward-thinking technology. Now, the design is getting a lifestyle-centric update that takes the sneaker from the track to the streets. Futuristic in nature, the ASICS’ NOVABLAST™ SPS shoes are reimagined here by artist Omar Aqil, who uses his signature 3D illustrations to bring the style’s essence to life.

    “I have strictly followed one thing, and that is experimentation,” says Aqil. It’s a sentiment he shares with ASICS, whose deft mix of utility and aesthetics have propelled the brand forward in both performance and style. The NOVABLAST™ SPS is no exception. On a technical level, the unisex shoe maintains its signature thick-soled silhouette, which houses FLYTEFOAM® Blast technology. This powers the model’s responsive cushioning and energetic bounce. “The midsole of the sneaker has a very dynamic shape,” says Aqil of the shoe’s elements that inspired his visuals. “I derived additional shapes from this.”

    From a design perspective, the ASICS’ NOVABLAST™ SPS sneaker recasts the performance style for everyday wear. This comes through in the construction, materials and colorways, which have been updated for urban utility and style. The new shoe makes a statement with three new monochromatic blush tones, including “Smoke Grey,” “Metropolis” and “Light Steel,” that cater to both men and women. Finishing off the sport-meets-street appearance is bungee cord closure and graphic branding on the tongue.

    Check out the ASICS’ NOVABLAST™ SPS sneaker in the 3D illustrations above. The shoe is available for both men and women in three colorways on the brand’s website and retails for $130 USD.

    #ASICS #ASICS Novablast #Asics novablast sps #Omar Aqil #HYPEBEAST

  • SoundCloud Introduces Merch and Apparel With GRVTY Collaboration

    SoundCloud Introduces Merch and Apparel With GRVTY Collaboration

    20.10.12 / 230 view

    With its inaugural “Pure & Wondrous Sounds” collection.

    Continuing to look for new ways to serve its community, SoundCloud has tapped independent broadcast company, GRVTY, for its first merch and apparel release.

    The inaugural collaborative release from the online audio distribution platform and music sharing website serves to introduce an ongoing series of collection releases with underground designers who share the same progressive ethos. Dubbed the “Pure & Wondrous Sounds” collection, the special range conceived at the start of the pandemic sees GRVTY prepare street leaning apparel majorly influenced by music and its ability to empower, help us escape, cope, and heal.

    GRVTY founders Marshall Tan and Orlando Urbina drew from the vast variety of music they consumed while quarantined in New York, expressing their sonic journey through waveforms, speakers and messages about music. Comprised of sweatshirts, T-shirts and vinyl slipmats, imagery is underscored by phrases like “There Will Be A New Day And A New Song, Play on,” “Exalted, Sonically,” “Endless Loop Harmonix,” “Futuristic Frequencies And Advanced Vibrations” and “Pure & Wondrous Sounds.”

    Check out the lookbook for SoundCloud’s “Pure & Wondrous Sounds” collection above and head over to GRVTY’s website to shop the range now.

    For more contemporary fashion, Fear of God ESSENTIALS Fall 2020 continues the focus on wearability, comfort and timelessness.


  • Nike Air Jordan 3'Seoul' with'Taegeukgi' returns as a women's model

    Nike Air Jordan 3'Seoul' with'Taegeukgi' returns as a women's model

    20.10.05 / 254 view

    In 2020, ‘harmony and advance’.

    Nike launches the Women's model of the Air Jordan 3'Seoul', which captures the most dynamic city of Seoul in Korea. Air Jordan 3'Seoul' was launched in 2018 by Nike in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the '88 Seoul Olympics', and its design actively utilized the Korean symbol, which created a big topic among domestic sneakers fans at the time. 1988 is also the year the Air Jordan 3 silhouette was first released. Like the men's model, this women's model uses blue and red colors in the form of Taegeukgi for the inner liner, and the words ‘Harmony and Forward’ and ‘Seoul’ are inscribed in Korean on the inside of the left and right tongues, respectively.

    In commemoration of the release of Women's Air Jordan 3'Seoul', a special event will be held through the Nike Online Store from October 5th, and only the winners of the event will be given the opportunity to purchase the product in Jordan Seoul on October 12th. More information can be found on the Nike website, and the Women's model will be sold only in Korea.

    #조던 브랜드 #나이키 #에어 조던 #HYPEBEAST

  • Sneaker Politics and adidas Originals Relaunch the Forum '84 With Giveaway Event

    Sneaker Politics and adidas Originals Relaunch the Forum '84 With Giveaway Event

    20.09.29 / 255 view

    "The collaborative kicks are limited to 500 pairs — all of which will be given away free of charge."

    Sneaker Politics and adidas Originals have teamed up to relaunch the classic Forum with a special giveaway event. First released in 1984 with high and low top styles, the Forum made history with its then-unheard of $100 USD price tag — which, adjusted for inflation, translates to roughly $250 USD in 2020 dollars. However, it’s set to be entirely free for its inaugural 2020 return.

    Besides dressing the revitalized Forum in a clean white leather makeup with blue and gray suede accents — plus special Politics hits and an individually numbered detail — Sneaker Politics is introducing a charity aspect into the shoe’s revival. Full details have yet to be announced, but Sneaker Politics will be partnering with other locally owned businesses in New Orleans, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Austin and Dallas to give all 500 pairs away.

    Keep an eye on Sneaker Politics’ social channels for further information on the giveaway, and for more footwear news take an on-foot look at two new colorways of the adidas YEEZY BOOST 380: “Calcite Glow” and “Onyx.”


  • IApp Studio and ASICS' collaboration gel venture 6, feels like this when you actually wear it

    IApp Studio and ASICS' collaboration gel venture 6, feels like this when you actually wear it

    20.09.21 / 250 view

    Primary color points and reflective spots everywhere

    Asics and iApp Studio formed a partnership to co-produce Gel Venture 6. If you look at the photos delivered from the iApp Studio side, you can see that iApp Studio's unique rejuvenating and artistic aesthetic has been applied to the product.

    First of all, Collaboration Gel Venture 6 was designed with colors such as white, gray, and cobalt blue as the main colors, and added several primary colors as points. Yellow and peach colors are added to the side of the upper, shoelace hole, tab of the heel cap, and side of the outsole, and the logos of the two brands are engraved on the toe cap, tongue, and heel cap. In addition, the logos of ASICS and iApp Studio, which symbolize this meeting, were also printed on the insoles, each of which yellow and peach colors were applied as point colors. The ASICS logo on the toe cap and the optional blue shoe laces are reflective and reflect light.

    The release date of Gel Venture 6 by Asics and iApp Studio is undecided.

    #아식스 #아이앱 스튜디오 #HYPEVEAST

  • Peace Minus One x Nike's second collaboration Air Force 1, finally revealed?

    Peace Minus One x Nike's second collaboration Air Force 1, finally revealed?

    20.08.13 / 320 view

    The most anticipated work of the second half of 2020.

    Peace Minus One x Nike's second collaboration Air Force 1, one of the most anticipated works in the second half of 2020, has been unveiled. Sniker news channel @solebyjc posted a number of images showing the appearance of Peace Myners One x Nike Air Force 1 through her Instagram account.

    Unlike the previously leaked Peace Minus One x Nike Air Force 1'Para-Noise', which was created with a silver upper, the new collaboration Air Force 1 is completed with a simple color combination of white and black. However, the midsole is marked with a skid mark, and the toe cap and back counter are marked with a glamorous style graphic. The same graphic can be seen on the insole inside the shoe, and the Peace Minus One Daisy logo in black and yellow is engraved on the tongue.

    According to @solebyjc, Peace Minus One x Nike's second collaboration Air Force 1 will be released in September.

    #지드래곤 #피스마이너스원 #나이키 #에어 포스 1

  • ENG and Onelove Look to Bring Archive Fashion to China

    ENG and Onelove Look to Bring Archive Fashion to China

    20.08.07 / 300 view

    "Featuring 400 rare pieces from Raf Simons, Jean Paul Gaultier, Number (N)ine, UNDERCOVER and more."

    Steadily moving as one of the most progressive retailers in China, ENG is now preparing to bring the archive fashion trend to China. Tapping Las Vegas-based creative team OneLove lead by Hoyee Li of Starwalk and BUBBLEGUM, the upcoming pop-up will serve as the first official event centered around archive in the country.

    Taking over the Shanghai location, the event will feature over 400 rare pieces from labels like Raf Simons, Jean Paul Gaultier, Number (N)ine, UNDERCOVER, Yohji Yamamoto, COMME des GARÇONS and Junya Watanabe. ENG hopes to offer fashion fans a chance to explore and experience the brilliance of remarkable historical designs.

    Standing out amongst the wide array of offerings is a printed bovine leather parka from Raf Simons’ Fall/Winter 2003 “Closer” collection. Created in partnership with graphic designer of Factory Records fame, Peter Saville, the jacket features iconic imager from the New Order‘s prolific discography. Another notable is the Tokyo Rose Dinner Jacket, from Yohji Yamamoto’s early collection, Fall/Winter 1991 “6.1 THE MAN,” in collaboration with COMME des GARÇONS.

    Check out some of the pieces to be featured above at the ENG x Onelove Archive Fashion Pop-Up set to open August 8.

    ENG Concept Store
    105, 1F, L+Mall
    899 South Pudong Road,
    Shanghai, China

    For more contemporary fashion, doublet builds on its signature eclecticism with its FW20 collection.


  • Pallas 2020 Fall Collection Lookbook Revealed

    Pallas 2020 Fall Collection Lookbook Revealed

    20.08.04 / 362 view

    "From memories' ‘Abi Rex’ jackets to ‘Palasonic’ shirts."

    Pallas unveiled the fall 2020 collection lookbook. This collection lookbook, which covers all the items of the fall season, was filmed by Angelo Fenetta, and members of the Pallas Skateboarding Team include Lucien Clark, Kyle Wilson, Charlie Birch, Eitor Da Silva, and Dino Da Silva. .

    The collection consisted of signature tri-puff logos, streetwear such as hoodies, t-shirts, vests, and bucket hats with a variety of logo play. Among them, the 1990s-style leather jacket was created through collaboration with Avirex, and fur jackets and denim pants with John Dove & Molly White's'Lips' prints stand out.

    The first drop item of the Pallas 2020 Fall collection will be available through the brand website on August 8, Korea time, from 00:00 AM, and from Japan at 11 AM on the same day through the Japan website. It will also be released through the WeChat Store on August 8 at 1 AM in Korea.

    #아비렉스 #팔라스 #HYPEBEAST

  • EDEN Power Corp SS21 Studies the Style of Mushrooms

    EDEN Power Corp SS21 Studies the Style of Mushrooms

    20.07.29 / 472 view

    "Abetted by the talents of Wretched Flowers and Crying Clover Candles."

    Eco-conscious label EDEN Power Corp‘s latest offering, Spring/Summer 2021’s “Mycelium Research & Development,” draws from its namesake organism to deliver a collection of ethically-crafted workwear silhouettes ideal for hunters and gatherers. The mushroom-inspired offering is set amidst Les 400 pieds de champignon‘s expansive fungus storage facility, while Crying Clover Candles provides a recycled wax candle and anti-establishment florists Wretched Flowers lend a hand with graphic design.

    The collection’s hardy fabrics are earth-toned and crafted from hemp and organic or recycled cotton, while EDEN Power Corp founder Isaac Larose’s haberdashery skills are applied to create an Amadou hat from a single piece of mushroom. More conventional items include printed tees laden with Wretched Flowers’ “Lil Wretched” mascot and EDEN-branded hoodies and long-sleeved shirts, all layered with the hemp Enoki jacket and pants that feature adjustable snaps and fits.

    EDEN’s signature Nalgene returns alongside a selection of sling bags and pouches ideal for stashing floral finds in the wild. Underscoring the brand’s sustainable bent are its dissolvable hang tags, designed to disintegrate after contact with water, and a promise to plant five trees for every domestically-made item sold wholesale and 20 trees for every piece purchased via direct-to-consumer sales..

    Expect the “Mycelium Research & Development” selection to arrive on EDEN Power Corp’s website and stockists like SSENSE and Slam Jam later this year.

    For more conscious clothing, check out the latest from UNIFORME and BYBORRE.


  • S.R. STUDIO. LA. CA. Picks a White Canvas for New SOTO Drop

    S.R. STUDIO. LA. CA. Picks a White Canvas for New SOTO Drop

    20.07.27 / 427 view

    "Get to painting in these pre-splattered pieces."

    If you didn’t take our advice and learn how to tie-dye your own clothes but still want the look, Sterling Ruby‘s S.R. STUDIO. LA. CA line has the solution. Earlier this year, the artist’s label released a colorful, paint-splattered yellow laundry tote. Now the brand has expanded on the SOTO style with a selection of white basics that mix the pain-splattered and tie-dye effect.

    The new selection of pieces available on SSENSE include accessories like a bucket hat and the aforementioned laundry tote, albeit here in white, as well as apparel like a denim shirt. The boldest of the lineup are the white denim overalls and white denim poncho — which are also the most expensive, at over $2,000 USD a pop. If you don’t want to cough up over $1,000 USD for the hand-dyed denim pieces, the bucket hat will set you back just $370 USD.

    The new white SOTO pieces call to mind S.R. STUDIO’s bleached-denim offerings from the end of 2019. If you missed out on those utilitarian offerings, be sure to take a look at the new SOTO offerings while they last.

    The latest SOTO pieces from S.R. STUDIO. LA. CA are available to shop from SSENSE, with prices ranging from $370 to $2,500 USD. For more new styles, check out Butter Good’s Q2 2020 collection.



  • Levi's Launches Its Most Sustainable Jeans Ever

    Levi's Launches Its Most Sustainable Jeans Ever

    20.07.23 / 403 view

    'Produced using the Circulose fabric from worn-out jeans.'

    Levi’s has unveiled its most sustainable denim ever, using a mixture of organic cotton and Circulose, a material made from worn-out jeans. The revolutionary new denim will be used on two cuts in the Levi’s Wellthread line, with a 502 for men and a High Loose for women.

    The Circulose fabric is produced by re:newcell, which takes discarded cotton textiles and breaks them down through water. This then appears like a slurry mixture, which is dried to create a sheet of Circulose to be made into a viscose fiber. When using this material in the jeans, Levi’s has guaranteed that all parts of the jeans including trims and threads meet the brand’s recycling specifications, meaning that the sustainable jeans can once again be recycled again.

    Both the 502 for men and the High Loose for women in the new sustainable construction are available from the Levi’s web store now.

    In related news, The North Face has released a capsule of T-shirts from recycled plastic bottles.



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